• Information Security

  • Quality Process Improvement
  • DB Consulting a subsidiary of Digital Base Interactive Technologies (Pvt) Limited, founded with the objective of providing process improvement and information security consulting services.

    Our strength lies in the partnerships with leading industry consulting companies and consultants.

    Our partnerships with key consulting companies such as CyberQ Consulting (India) (Pvt) Limited allows us to provide our clients with the best services. Each one of our consultants has considerable experience in their respective domains, with the average being around 15 years. Our partner consultants, apart from knowledge of the subject, have extensive software development experience. Thus, during training, the consultants are able to share real life experiences with the audience, making the interaction more meaningful. During consultancy, this reflects in practical and easy to use solutions without the rigor imposed by a purely academic approach.

    As an organization DB Consulting does not only provide process improvement and information security consulting services to its clients, but also emphasizes on improving processes within itself.

    DB Consulting also has a stringent Information Security policy, specially in case of client related data and information.